ALUU FOUR, 100 days after

October 5 2012 is a day that is unforgettable in the annals of Nigerian history. 4 days earlier, some hard-hearted Nigerian youths have conducted the biggest massacre in an educational facility, murdering over 40 students in Mubi, Adamawa state.
However, by Noon that day, an occurrence which made us forget Mubi (at least temporarily) occurred. 4 handsome young men, students of the University of Port Harcourt were murdered in a manner which only reminds one of the age of the savages. Accused of being cultists or robbers, they were stripped naked, mobbed, battered and set ablaze with so many people watching.
I couldn’t help but ponder over the issue. How did it get so bad for us as a people? How could students be so hated by their host community (Aluu)? Are the people so heartless that none could offer good counsel or such came but did not prevail? What could the boys have done to warrant such. . . Sadly, no one can give a satisfactory answer to this posers.
100 days down the line, no convictions have been done. Sad as it is, it could happen again, if care is not taken. I call on the concious layer of the Nigerian state not to rest until justice is done. As the families bear their losses, the government needs to take proactive actions to forestall the Mubi and Aluu experience. More hostels should be built because students are safer on campus. Security should be beefed up in students’ environment.
May the souls of Mubi 46 and Aluu 4 rest in peace! Adelabu Adeola remembers you!


NANS Elections- A letter to UItes

Before the year 2011, I never thought I’d contest any post in NANS. The rot in d system was visible even to the blind and audible to d deaf. However, I contested d Presidency of UI Students’ Union that year which my opponent narrowly won. At that period, I met a man who was a veteran NANS stakeholder and after our interaction, he asked me to contest in NANS. His reason was that he saw traits in me similar to d Late Moses Oisakhede (NANS President who died in a car crash in 1999). He told me that he was on that journey and Moses actually died in his arms. He had been looking for one who can replace Moses in his heart and in me he found his catch. Accepting to contest was not easy either. After d Bayelsa convention I started giving it a thought but I made up my mind after d January subsidy saga. I had a heartache with the conduct of the NANS President(s) during the struggle. I started consulting and I had my reservations. My major fear was availability of Campaign funds. I started my campaign much later. No one gave a rookie a chance to be a contender, except Hon Segun Olaleye (Radical Brother) but I was not discouraged. The campaign took me to the nooks and crannies of this nation. Many times, people advise me to step down and run for a lower office but I remained undaunted. Despite the lack of support from my local Union in the early stage of campaign, I pushed on and got the endorsement of NANS Oyo axis. The rest, they say, is history The Uyo Convention has come and gone along with its tale of gang-ups, electoral manipulations, alliances and betrayals. I owe a lot of appreciation to everyone who played a role (postively or negatively). Special thanks to OYO JCC of NANS who took a stand for me, even when my local Union could not. I thank Radical Brother for believing in me and investing in this agenda. I thank d Management of the University, especially the Dean of Students, Prof Alada for showing concern. I thank the SRC of UI for approving my candidature. I thank Tokunbo Salako for seeing reason at the end of the day. I thank Comrade A4 for making us appreciate intelligence (One may not appreciate intelligence until we see foolishness).To those who run their mouth, rejoicing at d downfall of another, I say God bless u. I thank every member of Team UI to Akwa Ibom state (Madt fun crew) Before I stop, I must reiterate the fact that we are not losers. The Presidency of NANS might have eluded us due to our collective negligence and d imperfect nature of the electoral process but we proved a point. We may be down but on the bigger picture we won. . . Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

Adelabu Adeola (LABZY)

NANS Presidential Candidate

December 2012